Case study #3: Plagiarism checking software Quetext goes from Position 100 to page 1 (22% increase in revenue)


The Plagiarism checking software Quetext had created a free tool to go after the keyword “Plagiarism checker” where you can paste your text and it would check for plagiarism. The reason they created a free tool that did almost the same thing as their main software was because all the sites ranking for the keyword were offering a free or freemium solution. They were averaging around 7K USD MRR per month for the last 3 months.


Since free tools usually attract a lot of links, so they also had to get a lot of links to be able to rank on the first page.


After building around 20 links from articles talking about writing and content marketing, the free tool’s page started ranking at position 6 on first page of google for “Plagiarism checker”. Their revenue jumped to 8600 USD per month after ranking for this keyword. Around 22% increase in revenue.

Campain setup

Step 1

We did an anchor text analysis to determine what kind of anchors to use for the links. We went a bit aggressive with the anchor text and used the exact match or partial match anchor 50% of the time.

Step 2

Next we created a list of possible link targets for each page we were targeting. All these were posts related to content marketing or writing.

Step 3

We reached out to these sites and got the links placed with the right anchors. We then put the links on our link monitoring software so that the links stay live. In the rare case the links are removed, we get the links replaced with equally good sites for free

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