Case study #2: Live chat software gains 5K new monthly visitors. (38% increase in revenue)


An upcoming Live chat software investing heavily in content wanted to rank higher for their top of the funnel pages so that they could get more email signups and put encourage people to try out their tool via email marketing.

They were averaging 13K MRR for the last 3 months.


They had tried Linkbuilding outreach on their own and even had some success. But they were not able to bag high DR links which they figured they needed since most of their competitors had a lot of.


We used our unique approach to linkbuilding to get them high quality links from other non competing SaaS companies. Since these companies invest in their content as well, the links were very authoritative and unlike the links that you can buy from some link marketplace.


4 out of the 5 top of the funnel pages we targetted started ranking on the first page and two out of those started ranking in the top 5 positions. As a result, the site started getting around 5K new monthly visitors.

Their revenue jumped from 13k to 18K, a 38% increase!

Campaing setup

Step 1

We asked the client what their top priority pages were and prepared anchor text analysis report for each keyword they were targeting. The anchor text analysis report helps us determine which anchor texts to use so that we can rank with the least links possible.

Step 2

Next we created a list of possible link targets for each page we were targeting. All these were posts related to Customer support on SaaS sites which were not competitors of our clients.

Step 3

We reached out to these sites and got the links placed with the right anchors. We then put the links on our link monitoring software so that the links stay live. In the rare case the links are removed, we get the links replaced with equally good sites for free

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